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Multilingual Contract Creation

Our Multilingual Contract Creation service provides bespoke contract solutions in various languages, ensuring clarity and precision in all your legal agreements. This service caters to a global audience, breaking language barriers and fostering seamless international collaborations.

Copyright Application & Registration

Secure and safeguard your creative works with our Copyright Registration service. This essential service ensures legal protection for your intellectual property, offering peace of mind and a robust defense against unauthorized use or infringement.

ISBN Numbers Acquisition

Our ISBN Number Acquisition service streamlines the process of obtaining these crucial identifiers, vital for the distribution and sale of your publications. This service simplifies the complexities of the publishing world, making your work readily accessible and trackable in the global market.

Trademark Services

Protect your brand identity and ensure exclusive rights to your unique symbols, logos, and names with our Trademark Services. This crucial service helps in establishing your brand’s legal ownership and distinct presence in the marketplace.

Patent Assistance

Navigate the intricate process of patent filing and protection with our Patent Assistance service. We help you secure patents for your innovative creations, providing a legal shield for your inventions and a competitive edge in the market.


Gain access to specialized legal expertise with Attorney360, offering consultations through a network of third-party attorneys. This service provides comprehensive legal support, ensuring you have the right guidance for any legal challenges or needs related to your creative endeavors.