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Carthage ABC is a subdivision on Mokhtar Group, Inc.

We operate worldwide through agents in:

North America: San Francisco, CA  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Montreal, Canada

South America: Santiago, Chile  |  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Africa & The Middle East: Tripoli, Libya  |  Carthage, Tunisia  |  Cairo, Egypt  |  Nairobi, Kenya  |  Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire  |  Dakar, Senegal  |  Luanda, Angola  |  Antananarivo, Madagascar  |  Beirut, Lebanon  |  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  |  Kuwait City, Kuwait

Europe: Paris, France  |  Milan, Italy


At Carthage ABC we speak:

English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Swahili, Afrikaans, and over 20 other languages.

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Get your CRM admin for just the cost of a user license.

These can help send out automatic emails to your clients. Your team can simply input from a picklist the type of call or contact you were contacting, and send a wide variety of different emails.

Work flow rules

Generate prices, update inventory, and fully customized sales reports.

Want your sales team to call the most qualified list of leads every day without thinking? We can do lead scoring, list views, and make sure that lead never gets forgotten.

Are salespeople not being managed effectively? We can set up reports and dashboards to track calls made, appointments done, sales closed, sales lost, and bids submitted so that sales people don't fall through the cracks.

Do you need your callers to be more efficient? We can setup a console that allows the users to quickly scroll down the list of prospects without having to go in and out of leads.

Automatic invoicing

Lead prioritization

Increase call efficiency

Do you need basic info fields entered, validation rules to make sure your team is imputing necessary data before saving, or columns of information added to make viewing easier?

Custom fields

Is your excel spreadsheet overloaded with employees, properties, sales, and leads that are getting confusing? Carthage ABC can fix and manage your lists as well as cloud synchronization (free).

List management


Brand guidelines, design standards and identity manuals—both online and printed—we create tools which allow you to increase a brand’s perceived value to customers while dramatically decreasing management time.

Multilingual templates

We create multilingual text and HTML email templates for your company that your sales and customer support teams can use as special offers, newsletters, follow up emails, troubleshooting emails, etc... to international leads and close deals much faster.

These can easily be dropped onto your website, and start collecting your customers data in Salesforce. Want them to automatically receive a follow up email? No problem.

Web to lead forms

Would you like to get the most out of your Salesforce or any other CRM software? Carthage ABC project managers specialize in getting Salesforce to work harder for your business and manage your international prospects and customers.


We look at your business model, budget, sales team, and account managers, and find you the perfect CRM. We do the integration, create strategies to automate your sales process and reduce the sales cycle, author the necessary collateral materials and train your team. Discover what CRM can do for you, including ROI!

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Mobile access

Daily reminders

Team collaboration


Track deals

Add and manage deals. Track them from the first contact to getting paid. Attach tasks and contacts. Find out why you lost or won last deals.

Enable your employees or business partners (or yourself) to work on the go! With mobile access to several CMR functionalities.


Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a method of assigning points to each prospect you come across. Points are assigned based on specific criteria you set—those attributes you've identified as being most often associated with serious prospective customers. The higher the score, the more likely they're the right target prospect who is actively engaged in the buying process, and should be routed to sales.

Sales management

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Receive notifications and reminders about new leads, upcoming tasks and events, as well as have a daily digest delivered to your email inbox in the morning.

Collaboration workspaces make it even easier to work together online and in real-time. Share files, status updates, collect feedback on documents, and assign tasks with people inside and outside your company. Boost productivity by working better, together.

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