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Carthage ABC is a subdivision on Mokhtar Group, Inc.

We operate worldwide through agents in:

North America: San Francisco, CA  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Montreal, Canada

South America: Santiago, Chile  |  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Africa & The Middle East: Tripoli, Libya  |  Carthage, Tunisia  |  Cairo, Egypt  |  Nairobi, Kenya  |  Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire  |  Dakar, Senegal  |  Luanda, Angola  |  Antananarivo, Madagascar  |  Beirut, Lebanon  |  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  |  Kuwait City, Kuwait

Europe: Paris, France  |  Milan, Italy


At Carthage ABC we speak:

English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Chinese, Swahili, Afrikaans, and over 20 other languages.

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Using only 2 or 3 keywords per page is even more important if you want to rank higher in search engines. Remember that Google spiders are not humans and they see your site as a code and not as an article and images. Do not confuse them with overwhelming keywords. The less keywords per page the higher that page will rank for those specific keywords.


Just like humans, spiders look for relevancy, information and pleasant or entertaining experiences on your site but this won’t be necessarily done through images and media… not even how great the text your wrote and published. They care about your keywords and how you distribute them within the page they’re crawling. For example: They “know” that a word is very important and relevant if it appears in the title or in bold within the text content.

Your (human) readers look for simplicity and clarity. They don’t necessarily read your entire page content to trust you and buy from you. They can like/dislike you from the first 5 seconds. In fact, studies show that most people scan web pages in an F like shape and don’t even read more than about 200 words in a particular site and many leave your site after a couple of seconds only if both the text and visuals don’t speak to them. And by visuals we mean images, fonts, colors, etc… (Different market implies different tones)


Visitors are looking for specific keywords and phrases. Usually those keywords and phrases are what brought them to your page in the first place. Imagine yourself entering a store that has a sign that says “Best Shoes In Town” and then most the items you see inside the store are not shoes but socks and flip flops…


Using the same keywords in page title, meta tags, and content is very important to increase your relevancy and keep your visitors longer… Remember, the longer they stay on the page the higher the chances they will be converted to leads (by filling out your web form and contacting you) and make a purchase.

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Writing effective web copy isn't easy. But good copy is essential to ensuring that your readers — and your customers, if you run a business — can understand how your website works and what it can do for them.


Carthage ABC can create high quality content for you in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, Hindi, and several other languages.

Multilingual SEO Copywriting


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Sales pitch, general info, prentations, marketing collateral, press release, clear call to action, biographies, etc...


Our multilingual content writers have expertise in several subjects. Combining this with extensive research, we are able to produce high quality multilingual content on a wide range of topics. Our portfolio includes clients from diverse backgrounds, including business, technology, aviation, transportation, health, internet marketing & SEO, finance, travel, hospitality, and  more.

We write SEO content in over 20 languages targeting almost every single market in the world from North America to Africa and the Middle East.


Among these languages:

English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, Turkish, Swahili, Africaans, German, Russian, and more.

  • Website content writing service and blog writing

  • SEO copywriting and article writing

  • Social media writing and buzz creation

  • Sales copywriting, product descriptions and reviews

  • Brochures and other marketing content development

  • Business writing, including presentations, proposals, reports, and guides

  • Any other custom writing service

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